Criminal Tango
As the name already makes presume, the primary objective in this game is to get money by criminal acts like burglary and robbery while trying to escape from the police. You can steal, plunder and betray other players and sooner or later you will find yourself in the prison because the police don't sleep in the game. But you gain experience during the game so it becomes easier to escape and you can buy many useful items for your work. However, to win the game the stolen money must be donated for beneficent aims. This game is for 1-6 human or computer players."
Requirements: CPU 200 MHZ, 16 MB RAM, Windows 9x,Me,NT,2000 or XP (not compatible with newer versions)
You can use an emulator to play on Windows 7 or newer
Unlock key: Fullversion, ful-68256-lv